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Two Special People – Joyce Reboul & Greg McNickle

May 29, 2014

a J GThe most wonderful thing about being a medic is the people you get to know. Your job is to care for your patient. But, what many medics fail to see is the care the patient gives back to you.

During my time in Stafford County I took care of two special people. And, those people gave me as much care as I ever gave them. Their names were Joyce Reboul and Greg McNickel.

Joyce and Greg both left us this past week to be with the Lord.

Joyce always had a pleasant kind word regardless of the pain she was enduring. A little lady with a mountain of strength. Joyce went through the loss of her husband Joe. The care she gave back was more than I ever dealt out as a medic.

Greg was a man who lived with diabetes for a number of years. Most people would’ve been soured by the hand they were dealt with this disease. Not Greg. You would give Greg an amp of Dextrose to bring him back to consciousness and he would look up at you – then crack a Don Rickles type joke at your expense.

Thanks for the memories Joyce and Greg – the wonderful care you gave me and others.

Rest in peace my friends.

Steve Moody

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