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Welcome to the World – Grayson Paul Moody

November 17, 2013

photo (34)You decided to make your appearance early this afternoon while the Kansas State Wildcats were battling the Texas Tech Horned Frogs – across the street.

It was around three hours from the moment mom and you arrived at the hospital until your birth. Your expeditious delivery was mostly because of your mother. She is the strongest person – body, soul, and mind – that you or I will ever know.

Your father was right there beside your mother and he is a carbon copy of your mother, a stronger person you won’t find – body, soul, and mind.

Few people are born with such an advantage in life.

You were born with every physical part of you perfect. A more beautiful baby than you won’t be found. Many aren’t given your blessing. You are a lucky boy.

One of your grandmothers was at home with your sister while your other grandmother, grandfathers, uncle, and your aunt were driving from out of town to see you. And there are many more family members that will see you soon.

Today is the first day of your life – a life that will be one of greatness. You will accomplish great things.

“Welcome to the World” Grayson Paul Moody.

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    November 17, 2013 4:30 pm


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