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Winter Fire Safety – FD & Dorothy

November 6, 2013

Your local Fire Department wishes you an enjoyable 2013 Winter Holiday Season, but every winter holiday season has added safety risks. Live Christmas trees, open candles, slick roads, and heating issues. They all bring risk.

“Dorothy’s Sad Letter” will help highlight the risks of heating your home.

Dear Citizens of America,

DorothyClogged flue pipes, cracked heat exchangers, and missing detectors…OH MY! My friends and I were all alone in a dark house with winter demons and no help in sight.

How could this have happened? Why didn’t I get my clogged flues cleaned? Why didn’t I call the furnace man to do his annual service check?

He would’ve found the cracked heat exchanger and fixed it. And a trip to the store with a ten spot would’ve gotten me the batteries for my smoke and CO detectors.

Straw for a brain – that’s the only explanation.

Home safety isn’t all that difficult to understand. The cost of these safety solutions are a fraction of a house fire.

Just then the firefighters showed up. First, they escorted me and my friends to the clean air outside. Then they put the fire out in my flue, shut down my bad furnace, and ran their own detectors until the air was clean.

So, what did I learn? Well, I…I think that…it isn’t being responsible to live in a home without practicing simple winter safety.

Please be Safe – Dorothy

“Dorothy’s Story” is a fun way to help remind you of winter safety, but safety is no joking matter. Your Fire Department wants you to remember its four word safety message and that is – “Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility.”

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