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EFD Open House & Fire Prevention ~ “A Recipe of Success”

October 7, 2013

photo (19)The Eldorado Fire Department Open House & Fire Prevention event this afternoon was an incredible success. Citizens of all ages – hundreds and hundreds of them – enjoyed the festivities.

So, what was the secret to this success?

First of all people love firefighters. They know that these are the guys and gals who help you when you are experiencing your worst nightmare. And it doesn’t hurt that they show up in cool vehicles.

photoFood was another ingredient of the successful recipe. Firefighters cooked up some tasty hotdogs and mouthwatering popcorn.

photo (20)And, then there was another ingredient to success – fun!

There was plenty of fun. Sitting behind the wheel of a fire truck, talking to Sparky & Firefighters, walking through the Safety House, and playing in the Bounce House. That’s one “full meal deal” of fun.

Firefighters and Food and fun. It is a simple recipe to success.

Great Job Eldorado Firefighters!

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