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“Guiding the Way” – Zone Maps Improved

October 3, 2013

Zone MapThe Stafford County “Zone Maps” idea made its launch a few years ago. So, how was it received? I think it’s fair to say that most folks wondered, “What in the world is the guy that came up with that idea smoking?”

And, it’s also fair to say, “The Zone Maps weren’t embraced by many.”

The truth was the fellow wasn’t smoking anything and he’s also a bit on the stubborn side when it comes to sticking with a good idea. But, even an old stubborn goat has to ask himself, “If this idea is so good, why isn’t it being embraced?”

So, after way too long a spell of stubbornness came the realization that, “The concept was good, but the maps weren’t.

Let me explain.

The first problem was the dazzling rainbow of colors. The maps sure were pretty, but pretty doesn’t get you from Point A to Point B. It was a visual nightmare.

Solution? A checkerboard. The maps were turned into a simple checkerboard – gray & white.

The next problem was the four zones over on the east side of the county – they were too big. The thing Assistant Chief Meschberger pointed out was a paved road sits right smack dab in the middle of these big zones. That road intersects the City of Stafford north to south and extends to county line.

Solution? Add four new zones. The City of Stafford – SE 80th Avenue – serving as the break point.

Last, but not least. If anybody has followed the directions of a GPS unit, they realize that sometimes the little dickens gives you a map that’s the shortest trip, but not down the best of roads. We needed our map to show the best roads – the paved roads.

Solution? Highlight the paved roads in red.

I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the loads of time that Marilyn Grizzell and Nick Lauffer devoted in getting these new maps put together. Thank them if you get the chance.

After October 11th this stubborn old goat won’t be here to insist the use of the zone system. But, I sure hope everyone gives it one last more try. I really, really think you will like it.

Because the last thing you need on an emergency is trouble getting there.

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