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Smooth Criminal – Annie Are You Okay?

September 21, 2013

Florez MoniqueAnnie and her little brother were upstairs in their bedroom doing something they shouldn’t have been doing – playing with cigarette lighters.

When the room caught fire Annie ran downstairs while her little brother panicked and took shelter under a blanket in the bedroom.

Firefighters found the little boy, but it was too late. The fire, like a “Smooth Criminal”, had taken the little boy’s life.

Chief Moody met with a crowd of enthusiastic Stafford school students this past week to visit with them about a topic that is dear to his heart – Safety.

The students were told that the many deaths and injuries that happen every day in America are predictable, and predictable is preventable.

IMG_1209The students shared their own knowledge with each other on a wide range of safety topics – vehicle, fire, tornado, criminals, flooding, lightning.

Next, a group of students came to the front of the auditorium to share one point on one subject – all to the song “Smooth Criminal.”

Before ending there was one last request of the students. They were to go home and talk to their parents about these topics.

And to always – STAY SAFE!

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