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Medic 4 Miracle – Turns “1”

August 10, 2013

The dispatcher sent out a very special message – “Medic 4 – you need to respond to the 100 block of Newell Street for a woman in labor having strong contractions.”

Medic 4 arrived on-scene in short order and found exactly what the dispatcher had said, a young lady in active labor. And, this wasn’t her first child. And one last detail – she was wanting to PUSH!

Our message to our patient was short – DON’T!

Heather followed our simple advice, but somebody else factored into the equation once we got in the ambulance. Baby decided she wasn’t waiting any longer and out came “Medic 4 Miracle.”

Today – one year later – we gathered to celebrate Eva’s first birthday. Eva was given a fitting ride to her 1st birthday party – in the back of (yes you guessed it) Medic 4.

photo (17)Heather had another surprise for Eva – the COOLEST cake ever – it was a Medic 4 replica!

photo (16)In addition to the Medic 4 cake – Eva got her very own little cake. After about an hour little Eva had enough frosting smeared over her that it brought back visions of what she looked like one year ago.

Medic 4 Miracle – thanks for inviting us to your celebration.

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