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“Stop or Else” – A New Stop Sign

August 8, 2013

Stop Sign NewSeveral people recently made the same ominous comment – “We are way overdue for another bad accident at the Highway 281 & Highway 50 intersection.” Early this morning those words came true.

We might have labeled our “comment makers” psychics if we didn’t know the history of this notorious Stafford County site. The lives lost and seriously changed at this intersection reads like a long graduation ceremony list.

Local residents have asked for improvements over the years. “How about making the intersection a “four-way stop?” “How about building an overpass?” “No” and “No” were the answers from the State Highway Department.

The reason given? “There’s simply not enough traffic to warrant the cost of such change.” But, that answer hasn’t brought much solace to the victims and their families.

Finally, after years of horrific accidents a change was made. They put in an additional sign – a “peek-a-boo head” over a message telling you about the “two-way stop” ahead. Unfortunately, Peek-a-boo man hasn’t been the answer.

So, what is the answer? Do we just wait for “more traffic” to justify changes? It seems ridiculous that we can invent things such as Google Glasses, yet we can’t come up with a way to improve the safety at the intersection of two State Highways.

I will get the ball rolling with a question. “When was the last time we came up with a “new” highway sign?”

How about this? What if we come up with a “Stop or Else” stop sign? The sign would signify that the intersection is a “two-way stop” intersection.

A media campaign could be launched to educate the public. Hangover’s Ken Jeong could perform a music video. He could jump out of a ditch in front of a car approaching a “two-way stop” intersection – dancing to a song called “Stop or Else” while holding the “new stop sign.”

I plan on presenting this GREAT IDEA to our State Leaders. If they tell me “No”?

Then, I will simply ask for the alternative – An Overpass.

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  1. Brenda Mercer permalink
    August 8, 2013 2:24 pm

    I have also been involved in taking care of the people involved in these accidents over the years. There needs to be something done with this intersection. I suggest a round about. There are numerous round abouts in Kansas and they appear to make all traffic slow down. I know people don’t like them, but if a round about saves lives it is worth it.

    • August 8, 2013 3:52 pm

      That’s a great idea too – and possibly the best idea for this spot. I do believe that it’s ridiculous that our highway signs have had no modifications practically since their inception. It’s like they are treating it similar to something acquired by Moses.

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