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Rain + Curiosity = PITR

August 6, 2013

IMG_1122“Bad news sells best. Cause good news is no news.” That quote was from an old movie called “Ace in the Hole.” Kirk Douglas plays a news reporter named Charles Tatum. Tatum goes WAY overboard in his attempt to maximize a news story about a trapped miner.

The torrential downpour we received this evening reminded me of that movie. The attraction of nature’s monsoon + curiosity = “PAIN IN THE REAR” for City of Stafford workers.

One can understand the desire to see an unusual event dropped on us by Mother Nature, but just a wee bit of thinking would convince most people that driving around on flooded streets might not be the grandest idea.

The rains came down so hard that the City of Stafford’s Main Street was completely under water and within inches of storefronts on each side of the street. All the situation didn’t need was vehicles driving down the street creating wakes. But, that’s exactly what some folks did.

City workers got barricades set and the rain finally stopped. Shortly thereafter the drains slowly emptied the waters from the roadway.

Tomorrow the property owners will survey the water damage to their buildings. For those who were driving down the streets and for anybody thinking about doing it – do everyone a favor next time and please – “Stay at Home.”

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