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Rain, Rain, & More Rain

August 4, 2013

IMG_1108A favorite person of mine once said, “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.”

Until recently we had such a long period of dryness that some dyed-in-the-wool Republicans started wondering if Al Gore might be onto something. One couldn’t stop in a coffee shop without hearing the question, “When is it going to rain?”

And then the rain came, then some more, then some more. Now the question is, “When is the rain going to stop?”

IMG_1110To be fair there have been some areas that have gotten so much rain that any “feeling the rain” is long gone. It’s just getting wet.

Stafford County has been lucky – so far. We have had areas of high waters, but no reports of any damage to homes. But, there have been numerous reports of mosquitoes the size of chickens.


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