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Charles “Wildseeder” Samek

May 21, 2013

photo (1)The body was lying on the shoulder of the highway two miles south of St. John – beside it a dark jumbo trash bag. Naturally, I pulled over to check out the situation.

Just as I was stepping out of my vehicle the body rose from the ground. It was that of a bearded middle-aged man wearing a ball cap. Written on the bill and encircling the upper part of the cap was the word “SOULCRAFT.”

His name was Charles Samek and he was a hitchhiker headed to Vermont. Charles asked if I would give him a ride to the Highway 50 junction for a dollar. I said, “I won’t give you a ride for a dollar, but I will give you a ride.”

As we talked Charles told me his planned path was through Hutchinson. Since Stafford was my destination, I offered to take him there instead. He accepted the offer.

During the short ride Charles explained that he was Czechoslovakian, a conspiracy theorist, had a Masters Degree in English, and had been hitchhiking for forty-five years. Charles asked me if I knew anything about Blackwater and the connection with the Boston Bombings. When I said “no” – he let burst a long cackling laugh.

And then the trip ended. As Charles exited my vehicle with his jumbo bag, I asked him for a photo to use for a story. Charles was happy to do so. As I shook his hand he asked if I would send the story to He said, “Email it to me and I’ll read it on the Internet at my next library stop.”

*I don’t advocate giving rides to hitch hikers, but please don’t pass up an opportunity to do something nice for somebody when given the chance. The story of a young man named Zach Sobiech reminded me of this principle.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    May 21, 2013 8:42 pm

    Gosh, my face looks swollen! (How I manage to maintain vanity at this stage of the game is beyond me. . . .)
    Nice work on the story; but, I generally go by “Dan”. . . .

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