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Snow Storm Recovery Meeting

May 13, 2013

Winter pictureSeveral months ago we had a snow storm that was determined significant by “government bad storm determiners.” Subsequently, the State of Kansas sent representatives to each of the affected counties to collect expense estimates.

These estimates answered three questions:
1) whether an entity within the county met the threshold for expense recovery
2) whether the total county losses would tally up to meeting a threshold as a county and
3) whether the total losses for all counties affected by the storm would be enough to receive federal declaration.

There were various conclusions to the first question. The great thing is that even those who didn’t make it to the first determination meeting can still get in if they meet the threshold.

The answer to the second question is that we did indeed meet the threshold.

The answer to the third question is that the storm loss as a whole was determined as a qualifier by the “federal storm determiners.”

So, the State of Kansas will send a coordinating officer to Stafford County this coming Thursday @ 1:30pm @ the County Annex to meet with those agencies requesting expense recovery. Agency representatives must attend this meeting if they want reimbursement.

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