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Mothers – What Are They Worth?

May 12, 2013

MomsSixty-six thousand dollars a year is the price tag. That is the employment value some egghead statistician placed on the worth of a Mother. Now I’m sure the fellow was trying to project great value to the role of a Mother, but his simplified analysis shortchanged the “good to greats.”

Accounting was never my love, but I have served long enough in administration to know a bit about operational costs. And what I know that the statistician doesn’t is the employee costs of those who didn’t have a “good to great” Mother.

Here’s what the “good to greats” do.

They teach learning. They teach caring. They teach work ethic. They teach decision making. They teach responsibility. They teach sharing. They teach love. And the list goes on.

So, what’s the employee look like that wasn’t so lucky with the Mother they were dealt?

In the area of learning there are ten acronyms to explain why he has a bit of a problem with it. He shows caring by asking, “When’s break?” He thinks work ethic is a new hip hop dance. Decision making is based on the eeny-meeny-miny-moe method. “Somebody else will do it” is the mantra for responsibility. “It’s mine” explains sharing. And for love – he loves making friends but can’t stand people.

Companies spend considerable time and money finding the best employees – those who were fortunate to have a “good to great” mother. They also spend considerable time and money dealing with those they hire that weren’t so fortunate.

So, what’s the value of a “good to great” mother?


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