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Easter Egg Hunt & NCAA Basketball

March 30, 2013

photo (9)They were all dressed in their uniforms. Some did stretching exercises on the playground, others discussed strategy. We did both.

I basically decided to follow the KU model with Grandson Macoy.

This was the first time in the big game for many of the participants, others were four year starters. It was Macoy’s third.

There was only one mascot. He was a gigantic lily white creature with enormous ears. He had a little round tail and he bounced around like a grasshopper. Some thought he was a kangaroo, others were pretty sure he was a rabbit.

We coaches gave them their final guidance before the lone official spoke. She gave them their pre-game instructions, and then launched into the countdown. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one – GO!

Macoy followed my instructions to a tee. Fast out of the gate – a mirror of KU – he was swishing shots on the perimeter like a seasoned Easter egg hunter. Eggs were piling up in his basket for a sure victory.

Then the implosion started. Macoy mindlessly tossed eggs in my direction – not unlike the errant passes of Elijah Johnson. Our lead was rapidly evaporating.

Two girls zipped by Macoy like he was standing still. Egg, after egg, after egg – before we knew it the game was over. Macoy lost and was in tears.

How could this possibly have happened? I thought it was fate, but my wife said it was poor coaching. I told everyone it could have been worse, we could have followed the KState model – one egg and done.

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