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Those Who Move Mountains – Road Workers

February 23, 2013

There are people who move mountains yet go unrecognized for their efforts – unless they do less than perfect with their task. And then the recognition is negative instead of positive. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Snowstorm2Road Workers. I ask you to think about them for a moment. After twelve inches of snow has been moved from the roadways is a good time.

First the Road Workers have to get ready and that’s practically a job all by itself. The trucks aren’t sitting around with all their equipment attached and their sandy salt product loaded.

Then there’s the hours, and hours, and hours of work. While you are sleeping – they are working. It snows more – they work more. The wind blows – they work more. No sleep for the Road Workers.

And how about the danger of what they do? You get to drive on the roads after the snow is removed. They travel down those roads when they are snow covered. It would scare the “bejesus” out of you and me.

Snowstorm3The enormity of what Road Workers do was brought to light for me during Wednesday night’s snowstorm.

My partner and I transferred a critical patient by ambulance from Stafford to Hutchinson. Even though Road Workers had already bladed the snow – the snow was coming down so hard that it was piled deep on the roadway.
I don’t believe we would have made it without the great job of my Driver and the Road Workers.

“Thank You Road Workers – and Driver Lou too.”

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