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Inspiration – FIVE or Whatever Works

February 11, 2013

photoNot one, not two, not three, not four, but five – yes that’s right, FIVE overtimes. It was a college basketball game between non-ranked Notre Dame and 11th ranked Louisville.

By the time the game finished all five Notre Dame Players – yes FIVE – were substitutes. The luck of the Irish – coupled with the FIVE – was just too much for Louisville to overcome.

Inspiration comes in many forms. Several months ago a little puppy (later named Hudson) survived a head on collision between the vehicle she was riding in and another. She broke one of her front legs and one of her back legs. Yet she survived. Hudson is an inspiration.

During the basketball game a tall goofy looking kid named Garrick Sherman entered the game during the first overtime. He finished the game 7 for 10 shooting with a total of 17 points. Garrick is an inspiration.

Then there was basketball announcer Dick Vitale. He told us listeners during the second overtime that he needed to go pee really bad and didn’t know if he could make it much longer. But he kept announcing, so I guess he overcame. Dick is an inspiration.

I decided to use all this inspiration to help with my morning walk. I wouldn’t walk my normal two miles, no it would be FIVE. Let the journey begin.

Unfortunately, the Kansas winds were blowing their typical 30 mph. This was going to take inspiration. I thought about Garrick. I thought about Hudson. One, two, three miles finished. I just might make it.

At the start of the fourth mile the wind made me feel like a turtle stomping through peanut butter. The left knee started making a chirping grasshopper sound, the ankle joints stiffened, and my abdomen felt like a two liter bottle of soda that had been shaken. I needed to pee.

Boy, did I need some inspiration. Then I thought about Dick. I said to myself, “If that old man could hold it then so can I.” Four more times around the track while listening to music through my Ipod – for just a bit more inspiration. The song was “We are Young” sang by the group called “Fun.” They will sing tonight at the Grammys.

Funny thing is it’s the 55th – FIVE/FIVE.

Trula*Dedicated to Trula Harris – one of my high school teachers who inspired me.

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