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Half is the Same – For Everybody

February 6, 2013

SkyAn ocean blue, a crisp smell, and yellow rays penetrating ever so mildly. It was such a wonderful day today. The enjoyment got me to wondering how a day could possibly be any better – anywhere.

It also got me thinking how we humans have a tendency to focus on what’s different about what we have compared to others, not about the part that’s the same. Let’s do the opposite for a moment.

From east arching west then north to south in another mighty arch. It’s called the sky.

One great thing about the sky is every day it’s different. Some days like today it’s a robin egg blue. Other days there are clouds in all shades of grey displayed in patterns of all shapes imaginable.

In Stafford County we are blessed with V-shaped streams of waterfowl crisscrossing our sky. Sometimes they are so close you wonder if you could simply jump up and touch them. And they talk to you as they pass by.

Flat ground gives us another special enhancement of our top half. It’s called The Sun. Nobody gets a better view of The Sun than those who live in the flat land. The sunrises and the sunsets are breath taking and never skirt behind a hillside.

Then comes nightfall. When was the last time you really took in the beauty of nightfall?

Some nights there’s total darkness. Other nights there’s a million twinkling stars.

And the granddaddy of nightfall – The Moon. The Moon shows itself in varied form – New Moon, Waxing Crescent, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous and others. In its full form it shines so brightly that it can make night time seem like day time.

It puts a smile on my face knowing Skywhat I experience every single day, half is the same – for everybody.

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