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Three Thirty in the Morning – Not a Soul in Sight

January 25, 2013

IMG_0256Stafford County Dispatcher Gina gave them the not-so-sweet message. Somebody had fallen and even though they weren’t hurt, they needed help getting up. Problem was it was three-thirty in the morning.

We can presume the volunteer medics were fast asleep in their warm, comfy beds with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads. But they responded.

Volunteer Medics don’t get to go back to their emergency quarters after the call to sleep. They simply go home and get ready for their paid job.

Helping people in their time of emergency makes it all worthwhile. But, what about this type call – helping somebody get up off the floor at three-thirty in the morning? I listened to the radio traffic expecting a bit of grumpiness, but their voice tone sounded neutral.

The lifting assistance didn’t take long. Afterwards, I listened to the Medic say they were finished with their assignment. Immediately following that message the Medic – Jeff – wished Dispatcher Gina a “Special Day.” It was her birthday.

For a person to be thinking about the good will of not just one, but two other people at three-thirty in the morning. It says wonders about them. We are lucky to have Jeff and our other Medics in Stafford County – and lucky to have Jeff as a Highway Patrol Officer with his paid job.

Thank You Stafford County Medics – and Happy Birthday Gina!

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