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Cottonwood & Grass Fire – It’s DARN DRY

January 20, 2013

SunlightIt’s no secret that it is DARN DRY in Stafford County. Greg Knoche found out this afternoon just how dry it is.

He was mowing some grass this afternoon on his property south of Highway 50 on the west side of Highway 281 when the mower ignited the dry grass. And it didn’t take but seconds to realize that he was not going to extinguish this fire.

IMG_0296Firefighters from the St. John station arrived quickly to find the fire had already consumed dozens of Evergreen trees and then moved into some enormous Cottonwood trees alongside the Highway. The firefighters immediately requested additional support then made a quick stop of the fire along the west and south perimeters.

Additional firefighters from the Stafford and Hudson stations responded to assist.

IMG_0294Cottonwood trees have a tendency to deteriorate from the inside out. These sixty foot trees had done just that. And some of the trees had to be brought down because they were leaning over the highway. The owners brought out a bucket truck to assist with that process.

Firefighters remained on scene for approximately three hours.

Please be careful because it is DARN DRY.

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