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Winning at any Cost – The American Way

January 19, 2013

LanceIt was another big time television interview acquired by big time celebrity Oprah. Some folks refused to tune in because they were so upset with the fellow. Personally, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Lance Armstrong would tell us about his mistakes in pursuit of being the greatest athlete of all time – Seven Time Tour De France Winner.

Oprah started off by shooting in rapid fire fashion a series of yes/no questions at Lance – did you do this, did you know this, did you…? And he came clean.

It wasn’t a big surprise since he had been stripped of the titles already by a governing board. Teammates had already told the story, but this was the first time we heard it from Lance. And Oprah wasn’t through – she delved into another question. Why?

Lance explained that the desire to win became all too powerful. Basically, it became an out of control train. He explained that the desire to win caused him to do whatever was needed. And the result was a super cheater and a super liar.

Everybody needs to be wary of making the “winning at any cost” mistake. One group in particular is American politicians.

Rarely do our politicians say what they really believe or vote what they know is best for America. They automatically oppose any key decision made by the other party, no matter what the decision. Their vote on issues is often based on who is lining their pockets and whether it will get them re-elected. And when questioned they do the same thing as Lance – they lie.

Maybe it’s time we redefine “The American Way.” Sports and capitalism are both good things when kept in control. When they don’t we become cheaters and liars – and it’s not a pretty sight.

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