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New Officials Take Office

January 14, 2013

photoThe keys were locked inside the running vehicle – Register of Deeds LuAnn Brister’s vehicle. On ordinary days this wouldn’t be a big deal, but today was the official day for the swearing in of newly voted Stafford County Officials – including LuAnn herself.

The list of those swore in included:
* Nita Keenan – County Clerk
* LuAnn Brister – Register of Deeds
* Jeff Parr – Sheriff
* Shane Stimatze – County Commissioner
* Kurt Fairchild – County Commissioner

LuAnn’s husband was responsible for the locking of the keys in the running vehicle – a matter explained to me in a longwinded fashion. Even though I didn’t quite understand the reasoning for responsibility, I have learned the lesson that when hearing such a explanation of male responsibility to simply say; “I see.”</em

Congratulations Stafford County Officials!

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