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Stafford County Schools – Emergency Operation Plan Training

January 10, 2013

EM SchoolSchool and emergency service leaders from south central Kansas met for a day of emergency training in Clearwater, Kansas this past Tuesday. The purpose of the gathering was to provide training and resources to local school district teams so they can develop, refine and implement their Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).

The educators for this training were a group of professionals with extensive background in school based emergency management. The training kicked off with a quote, “A school emergency is a community emergency and a community emergency is a school emergency.”

The process went from A to Z – from explaining what an EOP is to details of how one is put together. The attendees were taken through each step of how to complete the process. Learning highlights were reviewed preceding each break.

photo (6)The recent school shooting in Connecticut heightened awareness of school safety, but this initiative was launched well before that tragedy. Furthermore, an EOP is all inclusive, not applying solely to terrorist type events.

The Stafford County group that attended the training consisted of representatives from Stafford School, St. John School, and the Stafford County Emergency Service Director.

The development of the EOP will take place with the involvement of a team with many representatives. It will be a living document that will go through changes over the years as necessary. We hope that nothing serious ever happens in one of our schools, but we must be do what we can to prepare in case it does.

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