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Every Step Inspiration – Boyd McCune

January 7, 2013

Man_-_old_man_silhouetteI stepped up on the next door neighbor’s porch and rang the doorbell. First there was nothing. Then the sounds came.

Ker plunk – slide – pause.
Ker plunk – slide – pause.
Ker plunk – slide – pause.

The Ker plunk was the sound of a light-weight object smashing a solid one. It was kind of like a foot smashing down on an “aluminum can” from the top down.

The door opened and there he was – Boyd McCune.

Boyd is a widowed, retired farmer and the noise he makes is from his walker. The walker is necessary because he has a bad, inoperable hip joint. I would surmise that Boyd goes through daily pain that would sideline an above-average pain-tolerating person. Yet, it doesn’t.

Every morning Boyd makes his way to his small red two-door Chevy pick-up truck. He drives the little red truck across town to the local coffee shop. In the City of Stafford that’s called the Ampride Fuel & Convenience Center.

Boyd meets fellow retirees at the Ampride and shortly afterwards makes the ride back home. Rarely does he miss a day.

There are so many examples of great inspiration but few better than Boyd.

He inspires me every morning – with every step.

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