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I Never Done That – A Tiny Bucket List

December 30, 2012

KillimanjaroI have always encouraged my children to try new experiences. The other day that advice got turned around on me. My son suggested we take a trip to Africa to hike Mount Kilimanjaro – the country’s highest peak.

He explained to me, “Even an old guy like you can do it, because they say you don’t need any climbing gear.”

I have a “first-time” trip to Alaska planned for this summer – to do a bit of salmon fishing and have a close encounter with some whales – so a trip to Africa will have to wait until 2014. But, my son’s suggestion did get me to thinking about bucket lists in general.

Bucket lists are great, but typically they only include items of significance – with a significant price tag. Why couldn’t you have two bucket lists – a big one and a tiny one? And a more descriptive name for the tiny one could be the “I Never Done That” list.

A firefighter friend of mine lost his young wife to cancer this past week. It’s a reminder that you never know when you your time on earth will end – no more bucket list check-offs.

Make your lists and get busy.


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