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Big Foot Facelift

December 7, 2012

IMG_0131 Last year they took insurance funds to produce a like-new mini-pumper. This year it was “Big Foot.”

Stafford County received this truck from the Forestry Department via the US Military. The only financial requirement for Stafford County was the truck had to have a face lift to cover over the military camouflage.

Big FootOften, when a fire department is given a small budget – they take a defeatist attitude and simply say, “We will never have great looking trucks.” Stafford County Firefighters don’t take that approach. They show that with the right “can do attitude” anything is possible.

As you can attest to from the pictures and the video – Stafford County Firefighters did an incredible job – fighting fires and safeguarding taxpayer dollars. A great example of small town people doing big time things.

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