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#1 Ranked – All Time

November 19, 2012

He steps in after the large beasts get their fill. The master studies the carcass carefully and with the skill of an expert surgeon he finds a number of tiny morsels the big boys missed. With those treasures he puts together one of the best dinners you’ve ever eaten.

His name is Coach Bill Snyder.

Coach Snyder’s team was ranked “number one” out of all college football programs going into Saturday. There were only two games left – two more wins – before attaining the championship.

But, as most know – the win didn’t come. No championship this year, or possibly any year. I mean let’s be realistic – the coach is getting a bit old. Remember, he retired once already.

So, where will that place Coach Snyder in the order of best category after he takes his final breath? Personally, I would place him at the top. Let me explain.

It’s anyone’s guess how many National Championships Coach Snyder could have won. All he had to do is exactly what many other coaches do – switch teams. At one point he could’ve had any head coaching position at any school. He would have been first to pick the carcass if he had switched to a large school.

Name just one coach that sits at the top of the greatest list who coached at a small school. There are none.

If you still question his greatness, then look a little deeper. How about what his one time assistant coaches have done. There’s Bob and Mike Stoops. Then there’s Jim Leavitt, Mark Mangino, Bret Bielema, Brent Venables, John Latina, Dana Dimel, and more. And a guy named Urban Meyer borrowed his offensive scheme.

And then there was a fellow named Phil Bennett. Coach Bennett is the defensive coordinator for the team that played Kansas State on Saturday. He taught him just a bit too much.

*You don’t have to be a football coach to learn lessons from Coach Bill Snyder or others. Many of his methods can be applied to emergency service. For example: Smaller departments are like Kansas State football – they don’t get to feed first either.

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