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Right in the Butt – Taser Training

September 18, 2012

It takes a special person to wear a gun for a living. Apparently it’s that same specialness that makes those people willing to take a 50,000 volt shock.

The City of St. John recently purchased taser guns. Before they can carry the gun they must receive classroom training followed by actually being shot with the taser.

City of St. John Police Officer Charlie Brown was the unlucky one today. Acting Police Chief Adam Sayler explained the process to Officer Brown. Then Brown slowly turned his back to Sayler as two other individuals each grabbed an arm for what was promised to be a shocking event.

A bright red LED light suddenly appeared on Brown’s backside when Salyer raised the bright yellow gun into position. It sounded like a large firecracker. “Pop!”

Brown’s legs instantly turned to jelly as 50,000 volts surged through his body. The prepositioned supporters gently lowered Brown to the carpeted floor. It was about that time that one of the supporters announced the striking point of the lower probe – “in the butt.”

It’s a good thing this training requirement doesn’t apply to the guns with bullets.

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