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Suspicious Straw Bale Fire

September 11, 2012

It seemed fitting that Stafford County Firefighters would be fighting a fire on September 11th. And like the incident eleven years ago in New York this one involving two monstrous stacks of straw bales was most likely not an act of nature.

The fire was on 120th Street several miles south of K-19. Windswept sparks from the burning stacks jumped the roadway and ignited the trees and grass to the north. That was the first part of the fire that firefighters had to control. Once they had that fire extinguished came the arduous task of extinguishing the hundreds of burning straw bales in the two stacks.

Golden Belt was the owner of the bales. They brought bull dozers to the scene to strip apart the mounds of burning straw bales. That was the procedure necessary, but it did stoke the fire with each pass. To counter that firefighters followed close behind the dozers knocking down the flames.

Firefighters remained on scene for over four hours.

There have a been a number of these same type of fires in this same area of the county. Contact the sheriff’s office or fire department if you have any information pertaining to these fires.

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