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Bagging Machine Fire – $325,000 Loss

September 8, 2012

Brad Hearn was pulling an Ag-Bag Miller silage bagging machine south down S. Stafford Road. Eight miles south of the City of Stafford he slowed to turn west onto a dirt road. Immediately he heard a loud pop and noticed the right rear tire was on fire.

He quickly stopped his truck and jumped out with a fire extinguisher, but the fire was too much. He called for the fire department on his cell phone.

Firefighters from the Stafford Station responded within a minute of the page. Unfortunately, by the time firefighters traversed the eight miles the components of the bagger – multiple gallons of both hydraulic oil and diesel fuel, two large rear tires, and mountains of rubber belting – it was all on fire.

Hearn’s bagging machine was a 2008 model with an estimated value of approximately $325,000. Firefighters were on scene for approximately one hour. The machine was a total loss.

*A bagging machine is a large implement that places silage into a large round plastic bag that extends upwards of 500 feet long. This allows silage to be stored long term to reduce spoilage. The machines cost upwards of $500,000 new.

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