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Emergency Preparedness Month – September

August 31, 2012

It’s Emergency Preparedness Month. Are you ready – do you have a plan – do you have kit?

I know what some might say. “We don’t need a silly emergency preparedness plan or an unnecessary kit, because it won’t happen here. We don’t have tornados, we don’t have snow storms, we don’t have wild land fires, and we certainly don’t have any of those nasty hazardous materials.”

Odd thing is we’ve had all those things happen in the past three years – the short time I’ve lived in Stafford County.

So, how well do you think a farmer would do with his crops if he didn’t have a plan and a kit?

On the front end surely it wouldn’t be a big deal if you failed to get the fertilizer down. Does it really make that much difference if the seed gets set in the ground this month or next? Planning for weeds – what’s a few infiltrates?

And the planning for the tail end is even less important. Just whack it down – whenever – toss it in a truck and dump it off at the elevator. Zero planning necessary.

So, what about a kit? Nothing goes wrong with farming equipment. You don’t need any extras of those parts that typically break. A couple weeks of waiting for a part will be a great opportunity to catch up on some of those new movie rentals.

It’s fair to say that one who doesn’t plan and one who doesn’t have a kit – won’t be calling himself farmer too much longer. Shouldn’t you apply those same good principles to emergency preparedness?

The full story is explained beautifully on the website:
• BE INFORMED – What to do before, during, and after an emergency.
• MAKE A PLAN – Prepare, plan, and stay informed for emergencies.
• BUILD A KIT – Build a kit to stay prepared for disaster to be prepared.
• GET INVOLVED – Find opportunities to support community preparedness.
• BUSINESS – Plan for and protect your business.

Do it now because “going out of business” during an emergency is simply not an option.


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