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One Fish Two Fish – One Fire Two Fire

August 6, 2012

A week away at the Emergency Management Institute in Maryland doesn’t make emergencies go away back home – quite the opposite sometimes. Rollover accidents, medical emergencies, wild land fires – all colors and kinds – they kept coming, and coming, and coming – like an overpopulated fish pond.

And the emergencies didn’t stop just because I returned.

I was welcomed back Friday evening by the grandest lightning show ever in Kansas. That lightning caused a fire that firefighters were paged out to and quickly extinguished. If only there had been just that one.

Early the next evening we found out that two separate fires – caused by last night’s lightning strikes – would rear their ugly heads.

The first fire was in a heavily wooded area that had been devastated by an early spring tornado. Firefighters quickly determined the fire would have to be allowed to burn out by itself. They left that fire and went to the next one. Three hours later that fire was extinguished.

Fast forward twenty four hours and guess what? The heavily wooded area was again in full flame mode. This time firefighters would need to take a new approach. They determined that a back burn would be necessary.

Six hours later the fire was finally contained.

Some of the firefighters were sad, and some were glad, and all agreed the fire was very, very bad. Why are they sad and glad and bad? I don’t know, go ask your dad.

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