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What the Frack – Stop the Bus

July 29, 2012

Going from museum to museum – we were on a roll – possibly taking in more than any father and son in history has in one day at Washington D.C. The Ford Theater, the Lincoln Museum, the Indian Museum, the Art Museum. And it wasn’t over yet – not even close.

The Capitol building was our next quest, but we noticed a monstrous crowd assembled on the front lawn. We thought we might be in big trouble if this was the line to get in, but it wasn’t a line – it was a protest. And not just any old protest, this was a protest against Fracking.

Leading the protest was a young dark haired man on the top of a double-deck bus with a megaphone hollering out to the crowd at the top of his lungs – “President Obama and members of Congress, BAN FRACKING – stop the Fracking, stop the Fracking, stop the Fracking!”

It’s still unclear why it happened. I guess we just got caught up in the whirlwind of moment. We joined the protest.

Grabbing a KEEP THE FRACK OUT OF MY WATER sign, we officially joined the protest – our first. Since we didn’t know where the group was headed – and we really didn’t even know what the heck Fracking was – we decided to end our protest after a short distance.

Sprinting up the hill towards the Capitol we were stopped by a Security Officer who gave us the bad news – the last group, allowed for the day, had just entered the building. Onward bound.

The Library of Congress, Jefferson Memorial, FDR Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and then to the Capitol City Brewing Company for supper. As we rested and took in a couple brews, I noticed time had slipped by and we only had twenty-four minutes before our motel shuttle would pick us up – four subway stops away.

Out the doors of the Brewing Company and down the road we sprinted as fast as two humans who had already walked a circle around D.C. could run. We reached the subway and it looked like Lady Luck was on our side. But, no – the yellow line was delayed.

I rushed down to a lower layer and discovered that it would get us there – just a few minutes after the shuttle’s arrival time. Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t be too late.

We were standing by the subway doors as they opened at our stop point. We shot out of the subway like a cannon ball, but I couldn’t keep with the young one. I continued a slow jog as he disappeared in the distance. When I finally cleared the top of the subway, I could see the tail lights of a shuttle bus trailing away down the road – and the son was nowhere in sight.

I looked and I looked – but he was nowhere to be seen. Then a shuttle bus appeared out of nowhere two lanes over. The slide door pops open and my son hollers, “Come on Dad, jump on!”

He had raced down the highway and managed to stop the bus, then against the wishes of everyone aboard, convinced the driver to turn around.

All in a day at Washington D.C.

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