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Stafford Fire Department – Texas

July 28, 2012

His name is Douglas J. Ricks and he serves as a Captain for the Stafford Fire Department – in Stafford, Texas. Here’s a short message Captain Ricks sent me recently. I will let everyone know when Captain Ricks makes it by Stafford County in the future. It was wonderful to here from him – what a great thing to know that we have a brother City in Texas. Here’s Captain Rick’s message:

I look forward to reading your blog and have it saved on my computer and PDA. You guys are where we were 20 years ago. Unfortunately, we are next to the big City of Houston and have grown from a small farming town to just another suburban city near Houston. I truly miss the small town days. Your recent blog about protecting your personnel while on roadway incidents is timely for both big and small departments. If you would visit our webpage,, go to the bottom of the page, and bring up April 2010 you will see we were right in the middle of such a scenario. While working an incident on an 8 lane freeway late at night a drunk disregarded the flares and flashing lights and drove into our scene. Fortunately he struck two police cars, totalling 1, before coming to rest against one of our pumpers. No one was hurt but it was way to close for comfort.

Fortunately we had already started what you are talking about. When working incidents on any of the major roadways we cover the chauffers are instructed to place the apparatus at a 45% angle across at least three lanes of traffic prior to the incident scene. This provides a safe zone for our personnel to work in. Addtionally the chauffer is constantly monitoring traffic and if a vehicle makes an errant move verbal and radio notifications are made. Our brothers to the north, Houston, recently lost a aerial apparatus when a tractor-trailer driver was not paying attention and ran into the apparatus on an accident scene. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Keep up your posts and keep your personnel safe. Hopefully one day I will have the chance to visit with you. Some friends of ours have purchased a home to retire to in Russell and we will be coming thru to visit them several times a year.

Per my request Captain Ricks will send a portrait of himself as soon as the recent shots his department took become released. I will post that photo on this blog site when I receive it.

Thank you Captain Ricks for following our department and for reaching out to us!

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