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Lessons from Mistakes – The Holocaust Musuem

July 27, 2012

You are pointed to a giant stack of small leaflets on the wall. They reminded me what you are handed of a deceased at a funeral. There’s a male category and a female. You choose one. My name was Shaul Himmelfarb. And this is how it begins – the start of your tour of the Holocaust Museum.

You are escorted to an awaiting elevator car. An elderly gentleman gives you instructions and explains that you cannot take photos – out of respect for the dead. Four hours later all the questions in my mind of how mankind could have committed such atrocities upon man – the questions were answered.

I was in the museum for four hours and could have easily stayed another four. But it wasn’t the words that ultimately would be what I will remember most, it was the shoes – thousands and thousands of them laid one atop the other.

I find out later that I – Shaul Himmelfarb – survived, but none of my family did.

Every day we make mistakes – for me it’s usually more than one. It’s best to not make mistakes, but once they are made we can’t go back in time and erase them. If we can learn from others then we may not have to make the same mistakes as they.

The Holocaust was the worst of the worst. Experience it sometime in your life.

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