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Special People Doing Special Things

July 14, 2012

Stafford County Emergency Responders are primarily volunteers. They are as special as you can get and are rightfully praised on a regular basis. But there are some other pretty special folks in the system – the small group of paid emergency people.

Here’s a few of their recent accomplishments.

Dispatchers are the unsung heroes in the emergency world. One of the dispatchers recently posted this quote: “You may know where you are, God may know where you are, but…if Dispatch doesn’t know where you are, you and God better be on good terms.” The quote says a lot.

Two dispatchers – Melonda and Gina – recently attended specialized Tactical Dispatch training in Augusta. The three-day session concluded with a table top exercise utilizing a prop assembly named “Simulation City.” California instructor Dave worked the World Trade Center and Hurricane Katrina disasters. This was the second specialized training series for both dispatchers.

Assistant EMS Director Misty Blakeslee recently finished teaching an EMT program. The new EMTs will help boost volunteer numbers for the ambulance service.

Assistant Fire/EM Director Nick Lauffer was solely responsible for handling the acquisition of a new full-sized military truck for the fire department. This truck will replace one of the larger trucks that have become practically impossible to maintain because of difficulty in getting parts.

Many counties have implemented burn bans because of unusually dry conditions. Stafford County knows the impact a burn ban has upon farming operations, so we instituted a plan that allows burning after a site visit ensures it’s safe. FF/EMT Davin Graves was the one who took on that responsibility and he has done an exemplary job.

Then there’s Deputy Tom Fischer – Fire Station Chief – who has spent the past week in DARE training.

And those are just some of the “extra things” these folks do, not the super job they all do every day. Nobody likes taxes, but public employee wages are the best expense you’ll ever make when handled properly. The Stafford County system is fine-tuned financially because of a lot of people’s special efforts – paid and volunteer staff.

Thank you one and all.

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