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Fire Consumes Mobile Homes

June 17, 2012

Around nine-thirty this morning Scott and Erlene Halzle left their home located at 1382 NE 30th Avenue in Stafford County and headed to church in Hoisington. It was about one-thirty when the fire was dispatched.

Several mobile homes, approximately twenty vehicles, numerous out buildings, and a farm home are situated on the Halzle tree-sheltered farmstead.

Stafford County firefighters from the St. John, Hudson, Seward, and St. John stations responded. Additionally, a tender truck and chief officer from Great Bend responded to assist. But, by the time the first firefighters arrived, two of the mobile homes were completely engulfed – as was a half-dozen of the vehicles and numerous trees.

Firefighters attacked the fires while also protecting the farm home. The mobile homes were totally consumed by the fire and firefighters had to take metal cutting saws to penetrate the metal roofs that had collapsed upon the burning contents. The total firefight took just over three hours.

One of the mobile homes had electricity running to it via an electrical line laid across the open ground. The possibility of a rodent compromising the line could not be ruled out. But, unless further information can be attained the fire will be listed as undetermined.

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