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Dent to Hunger – Small Town Effort

June 10, 2012

Early Saturday morning they arrived at the fire station and shortly thereafter they donned their lime green t-shirts. These were the lead team members who would prepare the stage for a two-hour whirlwind of food preparation for the needy.

Local residents Jennifer and Scott Pfortmiller were the pioneers of the project. The couple spent time in Nicaragua last year helping the needy and it was while there they saw the wonderful results of a humanitarian effort to provide food to the starving. Numana was the name of the pipeline responsible for that effort.

So, once back in Stafford County they decided to put together a food packaging event to assist Numana in saving lives. And Saturday was the day.

Over one hundred people showed up to help – which is not bad for a county with a population of only slightly over four thousand. The helpers ranged in age from five to eighty years old.

Brazilian music played in the background as volunteers each served a specific role in the operation. Dressed in hair stockings with plastic gloves one volunteer wrapped a Numana package around the bottom of a bright yellow funnel. Another volunteer doled out a cup of soy beans, another dropped a vitamin package, then a cup of multi-ingredients, and a last cup of rice.

Each bag was weighed, passed to a bag sealer, and boxed.

Words of encouragement were shouted by team leaders and a giant gong was slammed at each five thousand meal mark. In the end the total goal was met – TWENTY THOUSAND meals packaged.

Not a bad morning’s work.

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