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Hands on the Wall – Life’s Small Details

June 5, 2012

My youngest son is teaching for a month this summer at an orphanage in Brazil. While there he took a picture of what he thought was an empty courtyard. Later – he noticed the hands of a youth hanging onto the top of the stone wall.

The photo made me wonder how many times we miss the “hands on the wall.”

Author Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything notes that an average human life lasts just 650,000 hours. Can we afford to miss the details in our experiences?

What if we didn’t miss those hands?

Maybe it would lead to a long-term friendship. Maybe it would lead to helping somebody. Maybe it would give you a smile. Maybe it would nourish your soul. Or, give you a heart felt tear.

I told my son to let the photo be a reminder to take in every single detail of his experience during his time in Brazil. Be on the look-out for the “Hands on the Wall.”

Not bad advice for all of us – including myself.

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