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Box Turtle Tim – House at Pooh Corner

June 3, 2012

One of the great things of living in a rural community is the wildlife. I’m served a variety of different animal sightings on my commute to work – sometimes it’s a graceful white-tail deer, other times it’s a red fox, or lately a colorful peacock. This day it was a turtle.

The little box turtle was standing squarely in the middle of the road as I drove past him. Then, I stopped.

Lately, I’d seen a number of animals lying dead on the roadway – struck by vehicles. I didn’t want this turtle to have the same fate. He must be moved.

But, I thought how my grandson would love to see this little fellow – he was coming to visit tomorrow – as I got out of my truck and walked towards the turtle. I don’t know how right it was, but I made a decision.

I decided “Tim the Turtle” would visit the Moody House at Pooh Corner in Stafford – for a day.

I placed him in a big box with leaves, and grapes and orange skins for snacks. Early the next day grandson Macoy arrived. We spent the morning with Tim watching him walk around in our front yard.

But, I explained to Macoy that Tim was a wild creature and needs to return to the wild.” Early the next morning we took Tim back to the country and released him in a safe spot.

I did Tim a favor moving him from the roadway, but he did me an even bigger favor – he brought joy to my grandson for a day.

Thanks Tim.

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