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Crime Scene Safety – Learning from the Experts

May 17, 2012

Small community folks have a unique perspective on emergency operations, one that big community folks think they understand. Whenever I get the chance I remind them to steer clear of assuming they know our world.

Likewise, it’s important that we don’t make that same mistake – thinking we know something we don’t. Crime Scene Safety is a good example.

EMS folks occasionally operate at one of these type scenes – yes, we do have an occasional crime in Stafford County. And we may not be the least bit interested in law enforcement, but we should learn something about crime scene safety to keep from taking a spear in the jelly roll, or a bullet in the uni-brow.

For that reason we brought in the specialists – Stafford County Deputy Tom Fisher and Under-sheriff Rob Murrow. Tom and Rob laid out a display of crime scene evidence – drug making items – to show students the dangers of arriving on scene of what we might think is a simple medical emergency.

They also explained how to approach a vehicle with a suspicious occupant. And, how to maintain safety at an accident scene. And, how to recognize when we’re fixing on getting a fist sandwich.

Prevention doesn’t get the accolades it deserves because it doesn’t happen. But, think about it – to prevent is always better than to cure.

Thanks Tom and Rob!


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