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American Emergency Specialist

May 11, 2012

Our local press told the story of yesterday’s high speed collision at Highway 50 and Highway 281. It’s the second serious accident at this intersection within days. What I would like to tell is the rest of the story – the story about the rescuers.

They refer to Emergency Responders who get paid nothing – or very little – as Volunteers. Not to belittle the people who perform duties for no pay in other lines of work, but I believe those providing life saving work deserve a special name. I’m open to suggestions, but just to get the ball rolling I’ll suggest “American Emergency Specialist.”

The American Emergency Specialist – they are American, they provide Emergency service, and they are mighty Special.

Case in point.

The alarm for the accident at Highway 50 and 281 came in just a few minutes before 5 p.m. While others in Stafford County were leaving work for the day, headed home, the American Emergency Specialists left their work and responded to a life saving request.

They responded with Engine, Brush Truck, Rescue Truck, and Ambulance. Occupants in both vehicles were extricated from massive vehicle carnage. A helicopter landing zone was set up while the extrication took place. Within approximately 45 minutes of American Emergency Specialist arrival all four victims were transported.

But, the work wasn’t over. One of the vehicles dropped a significant amount of oil on the roadway. Instead of calling the State Highway Department and waiting an hour for a “paid” response, the American Emergency Specialists cleaned the roadway with foam, brooms, and water.

All the while many – elsewhere in America – others sat at their dinner table discussing their hard day at work. I ask that before you eat your next dinner that you precede your first bite with a few words for the Lord – and a few for the American Emergency Specialist.

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