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Disaster Assistance

April 18, 2012

After disasters such as Katrina and Greensburg there’s been a WRONG belief implanted in people’s thoughts that there will be individual financial relief coming in from the Federal Government. That IS NOT the case!

Just this morning one of my Assistant Directors had to correct a county resident who was telling others at a coffee shop that the county needed to do “this and that” to get assistance for those with losses.

I have attached a message from the State of Kansas in reference to a possible declaration from the governor for Federal Relief. Please read that message carefully.

The State will conduct calls to county representatives this coming Monday to get damage estimates from each county in an effort to see if Kansas would meet the threshold. But, the relief would ONLY cover specific items. The loss of one’s personal home, car, or business related property would not be one of the things covered.

Now, personal assistance can be provided through the United Way, Red Cross, and other non-governmental agencies. But, the most reliable assistance is friends and neighbors. That assistance was in full force the next day at sunrise in Stafford County.

County Coordinators,

KDEM is looking at the possibility of the Governor requesting a Federal
Declaration for the widespread severe weather that occurred throughout the
state on April 14th and 15th, causing damages from tornadoes, high winds,
large hail, lightning, and torrential rainfall resulting in flooding and
flash flooding. I have set up conference calls for Monday, April 23rd, so
that County Coordinators can call in and report damages, so that we can
determine if counties and the state are going to qualify for a Federal
Declaration. At this time, we are looking at the potential for Public
Assistance funding. Individual Assistance funding is not projected. Please
contact jurisdictions and tribal nations within your county to obtain damage

– Emergency protective measures
– Emergency debris removal
– Damages to public infrastructure – roads, bridges, culverts, critical
infrastructure/essential facilities
– Damages to publicly-owned buildings
– Damages to eligible utilities and private non-profits – electrical
cooperatives, municipal utilities, telephone cooperatives, hospitals, skilled
care facilities, schools
– Be sure to obtain overtime hours, volunteer hours, and equipment/equipment
usage time for repairs

The conference call information and times are listed below. The information
is the same for all regions.

April 23rd call schedule:
9:00 AM – Northeast, Southeast, and Kansas City Metro Region
10:00 AM – North Central and South Central Regions
11:00 AM – Northwest and Southwest Regions

Telephone Number: 866-620-7326
Conference Code: 8551008957

If you don’t have any damages to report you don’t need to dial into the
conference call, just e-mail back and advise no damages. If you have any
questions, please let me know.

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