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Stafford Hospital – A Great Place to Rehab

March 31, 2012

Her name is Jean Smedley. She lives in the town of Salina, Kansas – population 50,000. Approximately three weeks ago Jean had total hip replacement surgery. The post-surgery plan was to recuperate a few days at the Salina hospital, then go home. That was the plan.

Unfortunately, several days after the hip operation, while still in the hospital, came the unexpected – two minor strokes. The after-effects of the strokes weren’t serious, but Jean definitely wasn’t going to be able to go home alone.

Jean is 92 years old and has no children, other than two adopted ones – Steve and Rosie Moody, residents of a little town by the name of Stafford, Kansas.

The Internet lists the population of Stafford as 1,042, but that count probably includes a few farm animals and family pets. Little towns are a great place to live, but you do need to answer the question, “Where will I get medical care?

Fortunately, Stafford is home to the one and only county hospital. And, luckily for Jean, one of the feature offerings provided by Stafford County Hospital is physical therapy.

Jean will go home to Salina next Monday, but like many others she’ll treasure her time in Stafford. Jean’s message to the health care workers at Stafford County Hospital?

A great big THANK YOU!

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