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The Greatest Salesman in the World

March 17, 2012

The inscription inside the front cover of the little red book read, “Christmas 1977” – Steve – We decided to give you this tremendous book as you will begin to see how it can influence your life – Our Love, Aunt Lizzie & Uncle Lloyd.” The book was titled, “The Greatest Salesman in the World.”

“The Greatest Salesman in the World” is a story about a young camel tender named Hafid who is given a gift of ten scrolls, each scroll with a secret to success. The beauty of the story – as author Og Mandino knew – was the secrets can be applied to any career or just life in general.

This past week fourteen Stafford County students began the journey to become an Emergency Medical Technician EMT. So I thought, “What better idea than to examine how Og Mandino’s secrets could help ensure the success of an EMT student.”

The Power of Good Habits
Good habits to an EMT can be the difference between life and death, both for the patient and for the EMT.

Replace your equipment and supplies after each usage – practice your skills and study your protocols.

Wear your gloves, ensure the scene is safe before entering, and take command of the scene.

Live Each Day as if it were Your Last – Greet Each Day with Love in Your Heart
Mandino listed these as two separate secrets. I combined them, because it seems impossible to have one without the other.

Just yesterday Stafford County crews worked a fatality accident. The gentleman who lost his life left a wife and four young children. Emergency workers are taught the lesson of living each day as it if were your last way too many times. It shouldn’t take more than once.

Once you’ve learned the reality of how quickly life can end, greeting each day with love in your heart only seems natural.

You Are Natures Greatest Miracle
An EMT is given a peek into the world of the rich as well as that of the poor. It gives you a unique perspective. Some people’s homes are filled with gold, others with tin. To the holder, the tin is as valuable as the gold.

All people are nature’s greatest miracle. You’ll learn that lesson after a few road trips with each.

Master Your Emotions
Few jobs will invoke stronger emotional response, both with you and the customer. People that are sick or injured have a flood of emotions that are only superseded by those of their loved ones.

Success or failure – life or death – might depend upon how well “you” master your emotions.

The Power of Laughter
Emergency workers learn this secret quickly and practice it often. I would only add a small bit of advice. Laughter can be a powerful secret to success, but it must be used in the right place at the right time. The family or public will not understand. Keep smiles and laughter out of sight from the public during the emergency.

Multiply Your Value Every Day – All is Worthless without Action
Here’s another two secrets that seem to go together. Multiplying your value every day doesn’t mean you must strive to attain a promotion or advancement, although that isn’t a bad thing. What it means is you should strive to be the best you can be at what you do. Read, listen, watch – you’ll be amazed at what you learn.

And remember that talking about doing something isn’t doing it. Likewise, talking about what somebody else needs to do is usually of absolutely no value.

Pray to God for Guidance
This last secret needs a little clarification. I don’t believe the words were intended to be taken literally. You probably aren’t going to get an email from the Big Guy, no matter how much you pray. So, maybe a better choice of words for this secret would be, “Do what God would want.”

I personally think God would want us to – “Follow the nine secrets.”

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