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One Hot Truck

March 12, 2012

Late Saturday afternoon Northern Stafford County resident Cale Batman returned from a day of rifle target practice and placed his 1984 Chevy model pick-up in its normal resting spot inside the farm shed beside a combine and a tractor. He then went inside his home.

Approximately twenty minutes later Cale’s mother looked out the kitchen window and saw the truck was on fire. Cale and his father Eric ran out and grabbed another tractor that happened to be sitting in the yard.

The two hooked a chain to the pickup and dragged it out onto a driveway away from the buildings and other equipment. Still, the flames were threatening to ignite the yard and a nearby tree row, so they called for the fire department.

While waiting on the fire department they fought the fire with a garden hose. Their firefighting efforts kept the fire from spreading until the fire department arrived. Once they arrived the fire department firefighters extinguished what was left of the burning truck.

The truck was a total loss along with Cale’s rifle and a thousand rounds of ammunition. The cause of the fire is unknown.

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