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2012 Local Emergency Planning Committee – 1st Quarter Meeting

March 12, 2012

All counties in Kansas are required to have a Local Emergency Planning Committee – also called an LEPC. The LEPC meets a minimum of once every quarter. The committee consists of members that are a representation of various disciplines throughout the County. Topics for the meetings include anything that members believe may be of interest to other members and the public. Any citizen in Stafford County is welcome to attend these meetings.

David Simmons (Hospital); Mary Jo Taylor (Schools); Doris Tompkins (County Health); Steve Moody (Emergency Service); Jim Kenworthy (Schools); Glenn Newdigger (County Extension); Mel Chesbro (City of St. John); Misty Blakeslee (EMS); Nick Lauffer (Emergency Management); T.J. Rockenbach (Fire)

The meeting was called to order at 09:05. Reports included the following:

EMS: Misty Blakeslee shared that an EMT class will begin this evening and will be on Mondays and Thursdays. Most of the students – 12 – are St. John residents.

Fire: T.J. shared that this will be his last week of employment with Stafford County. He has accepted a position in Oklahoma.

EM: Nick Lauffer shared information on a Code Red warning system webinar that will take place. EM has purchased a web site service for emergency weather information. This week has been designated by the State as Emergency Weather Week. In recognition of that, County wide tornado sirens will be set off tomorrow. A presentation on Storm Spotting, open to all County residents, will take place the evening of April 3rd at the County Annex. Nick reminded everyone that dispatch and EM can contact the State Weather folks directly via the 800 radio. Steve Moody will be attending Basic PIO training in Pratt this week and Advanced PIO training in Emmittsburg, Maryland in July. Both of those training classes are offered at no direct cost to the County.

Schools: Dr. Taylor shared that Stafford Schools will be receiving a $600,000 to $700,000 grant for a Safe Room at the high school. The room will be built just off the north gym. Students will be moved to the gym whenever there is eminent serious weather forecasted and then would move directly into the Safe Room whenever a warning is issued. The Safe Room will double as the wrestling practice room. A table top planning exercise covering an active shooter scenario will be scheduled for the evening of the 4th Monday of the month in April.

Extension: Glenn Newdigger shared that a burn workshop was coordinated by his office personnel this past month. He reported good attendance, but a number of the attendees were from counties other than Stafford.

Health: Doris Tompkins asked for guidance on a State required Radiation Room/Reception Center plan in time of a radiation type emergency. Steve Moody will contact the State for more information so we can understand what it is we are required to do. Doris has six Vertex radios that are in need of narrow banding conversion. T.J. will check to see what we need to do to get this done. March 29th there will be a Table Top Pandemic type exercise in Lyons. Doris will attend and either Steve or Nick also. Doris inquired about outdated ID badges that were issued through Emergency Management. The State did a changeover to put this process online. EM just received Log Ins/Passwords and will be producing new cards as soon as possible.

The meeting was called to a close at 10:30.

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