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Fire Threatens Home – Three County Response

March 4, 2012

A coyote hunt took a turn for the worst early Sunday morning. Apparently the exhaust lines on the coyote hunter’s vehicle accidentally ignited a grass field in southeast Stafford County. The property was contiguous with both Reno and Pratt County. This was a good thing.

Since the fire was possibly in any or all three counties, firefighters from all three counties responded. The fire was being whipped by strong winds so by the time firefighters arrived a farm home and its surrounding barns were in deep peril.

Reno County firefighters were the first to arrive on scene. They placed their immediate efforts on keeping the fire from the home which was on the southern front of the fire. The Reno FFs were just running out of water when Stafford FFs arrived.

The Stafford firefighters doused the remaining flames that were threatening the home. Also, by this time Pratt firefighters had arrived. Thirteen in all were the total number of trucks that responded from the three counties.

After saving the home the firefighters raced across the blackened ground to the northern front to save a half-mile long shelter belt that was seconds from being consumed. An aggressive effort by firefighters saved the shelter belt and an expansive grassland on the wayward side.

The property owners of both the home and the adjacent property voiced their appreciation to all the firefighters. The firefight was a great mutual aid effort.

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