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Perfect Proposal is a Perfect Proposal

February 10, 2012

Last evening I witnessed the perfect proposal – a marriage proposal by my son Matthew to his future bride Erin. And, today as I listened to fire experts explain another perfect proposal – a prescribed burn proposal – I thought about the commonality between the two proposals.

Both start with preparation. The fire side involves meeting the fire chief, getting his blessing, and making sure he will “yes.” A well detailed plan ensures the proposal will have every chance of being a success. On the marriage side the preparation begins with meeting the future in-laws, getting their blessing, and making sure the chosen one will say “yes.” With this being one of the most important moments in your life, it’s also vital that every detail be planned.

The next step after getting the green light is pre-planning the site location. For fire this requires determining the make-up of the burn product and the needed wind direction on the day of the fire. Now, flip over to the marriage proposal pre-planned site location. My son chose Salina’s historic Stiefel Theater stage as the site location. Both sets of parents were pre-positioned ahead of time, alongside the stage, and out of Erin’s direct line of sight.

Equipment is the next piece to the puzzle. The fire list is a bit longer than the marriage list. Trucks, water, ATVs, swatters, and drip torch are just a few items on the list. The controlled burner must follow any local or state requirements. The marriage proposal equipment is vitally important, but more simple – the “ring.”

At last comes the time everyone’s waited for – the moment to shine. The prescribed burner makes sure the weather conditions meet the pre-plan, equipment is in place, and the call is made to the dispatcher. The prescribed burn proposal is perfect. So, how did the marriage proposal go?

My son walked Erin onto the stage facing away from us parents. She seemed a bit perturbed they had taken this sidestep from the restaurant trip he had told her they were headed. Then he turned her around towards the open theater and to us. There was a look of shock and wonderment. Then, the drop to the knee and moments later the perfect marriage proposal was complete.

It’s funny how a perfect proposal is a perfect proposal.

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