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A Christmas Trip Cut Short – The Rest of the Story

February 4, 2012

(For those who didn’t read the first story, the link is at the bottom of this one.)

The cute little couple was on a train trip from New Orleans to Los Angeles to visit Shirley’s sister. Unfortunately, Samuel suffered a medical emergency and the train had to be stopped in Stafford, Kansas so he could receive care.

Samuel and Shirley stayed the next three days at the Stafford County Hospital with day three ending on Christmas Day. As a finishing touch to the excellent care a Stafford couple gave Samuel and Shirley a ride to Wichita Continental Airport – so they could make it home in time to spend Christmas with their family.

Just the other day news came from Samuel and Shirley. The couple sent a heart-felt “Thank You” card along with a New Orleans food care package. Here’s what the card said –

“We will never forget the kindness and love and sacrifice that you showed us in our time of need. May God continue to bless all of you and your families. You will always be in our prayers. We will always love you.

Unfortunately, at the end of the “Thank You” card Shirley also shared some sad news.

“P.S.: My sister passed on December 31st and we went to Los Angeles for the services. We’ve been back home for about a week.”

Samuel and Shirley – “We will always love you too!”

(A Christmas Trip Cut Short)-

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