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2011 Year in Review – Annual Report

January 21, 2012

The year 2011 is now registered in the chronicles of history. This report reflects the efforts, over the past year, of over eighty highly dedicated people who call themselves, “Stafford Emergency Responders.”

The attainment of these accomplishments were possible through the support of our Citizens, Commissioners , and our fellow County Employees.

Many exciting things happened this past year. We continue to upgrade our equipment and our facilities. A new emergency operations center, a refurbished tender truck, a new supervisory vehicle, new rescue tools, and the completion of a new fire station were some of the most notable items.

We had a significant increase in fire responses due to an extreme state-wide drought.
Firefighters made the rescue of a young woman who was trapped beneath a tree that a tornado had felled upon her car—an accident that killed both her mother and brother.

Firefighters and EMTs continued to fine tune their knowledge and skills by training.
One of our EMTs completed his paramedic training and another employee completed the state Leadership program.

A disaster drill was conducted in Hudson.

I extend my sincere gratitude to the members of the department and to those who support us. As we anxiously embark on the year 2012, we promise to continue serving as role models in the community and leaders in our profession.

Director of Emergency Service

Steven D. Moody

**The report is included as two attachments because of the data size.
2011 Annual report 1
2011 Annual report 2

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